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[Reservation] bar of Dragon Quest! “LUIDA’S BAR” in Tokyo Roppongi (pub in RUIDA)

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Mr. Dragon Quest lover should know by all means, that “LUIDA’S BAR” (pub in RUIDA)! By the way, which goes to alto nearness of SQUARE ENIX CAFE&BAR[ARTNIA] last time. SQUARE ENIX CAFE&BAR[ARTNIA] [Reservation] A weekend is a reservation system, so I call. http://www.paselabo.tv/luidas_bar/seiriken.htm

With the Oedo hot spring in Tokyo and Daiba

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Pumped up from 1400 meters deep, our natural hot spring feel soft and smooth on the skin. You will enjoy prolonged effect of warmth even after you get out of the bath, and will feel relaxed inside and out. Soak yourself in Big Common Bath, then try Ashi-Yu (Foot Bath)

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    愛知県名古屋市から転勤してきました。グルメブロガーこのブログでは職場の新宿・代々木あたりで、食べたランチをどんどん紹介しています。 → プロフィールの続き

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